Month: April 2014

The (Literally) Never Ending List of Books to Read Before You Die

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Random Banter

So, I love reading. Like, I really, really love reading. I constantly have a book on the go (just one – none of this reading numerous books at one time business), and am constantly adding books to a never-ending list which exists in my head. Occasionally I jot recommended titles down in notes on my phone, or on bits of paper which gather at the dirty bottom of my handbag. This is becoming somewhat problematic, however, as the […]

Well Hello There!

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Random Banter

I’m not sure how to go about starting this blogging business so I guess I’ll jump straight into it. Here’s a little something I scribbled down in a beautiful new leather-bound notebook before I fell asleep last night (Yes, I’m still old-school in that I prefer handwriting to typing – sorry fellow bloggers). Here goes… I go on and on about loving to write, but the reality is that I only actually write when I […]