Month: May 2014

There’s No Place More Awkward Than A Sauna

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Random Banter

I love going into the sauna at my gym. After an intense workout, there’s no better recovery than to sweat it out and have a slow stretch in the sauna’s intense heat. I just wish it wasn’t always so damn awkward. First of all, there’s no knowing who sits behind the fogged up glass door before you enter. You hold your breath and cross your fingers, praying that it’s empty. The unfortunate thing is, it very rarely is. In fact, there is […]

My Utmost Thanks To The Man On My Train

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Personal / Travel Bits

Last year I spent a month in Spain on my own. After three years of studying Spanish at university, it was time to put my knowledge of the language into ‘real world’ practice. I flew into Barcelona where I spent four full-on days eating pinxtos, drinking tinto de verano and wandering the gothic streets in search of Gaudi’s buildings. Whilst these jam-packed days and nights spent in Barcelona were unforgettable, I found it near impossible to practice my Spanish. […]

The Ultimate Dinner Party

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Random Banter

My mind has been known to wander aimlessly and has recently found itself planning The Ultimate Dinner Party. (I am the first to admit that more pressing matters  need addressing – for example an essay worth fifty percent of my grade – but such matters are boring and will be dealt with at a later date.) I will invite the following (I am aware that at least two of these individuals no longer live, but this matters not to one’s dreams): Keith Richards […]

My Return To No Man’s Land

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I finished school five years ago with not a clue in the world as to what I might do next. My fellow graduates shared plans to work ski seasons in Canada, to teach at boarding schools in the UK and to study commerce and medicine. Without a single plan or even an idea, I found myself stranded in scary, unfamiliar territory. They call it No Man’s Land. Perhaps you’ve been there? Strangers come and go, lugging heavy backpacks full of uncertainty, confusion and fear, which are dumped in […]

Why Scars Are Beautiful Things

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Random Banter / Raving Reviews

I grew up self-conscious and embarrassed of the off-centre scar on my forehead (the result of crawling into my grandma’s coffee table, aged two). At the age of twelve I begged my mum to take me to the doctor so it could be ‘removed’. The doctor told me to wait until I turned sixteen, and return then if I felt the same. Thankfully, I never did return. The scar still sits proudly on my forehead, and enjoys being […]