Two Thumbs Up For ‘The Other Woman’

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Last night my sister and I had a cute moment of sister bonding, during which we went to see The Other Woman. I was expecting two hours of lighthearted humour and shitty female entertainment but boy, was I wrong. The movie was absolutely hilarious. And when I say hilarious, I mean so hilarious that I had a mild asthma attack kind of hilarious. If you laughed to the point of an abdominal workout during Bridesmaids or Superbad, then this is the chick-flick of your dreams.

The plot isn’t exactly original, but the casting and humour is up there with the best. Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann are perfectly suited to their respective roles of mistress and wife, who plot revenge against their shared lover. The unexpected friends get up to childish mischief together, encouraged by the devil’s mixture of wine, vodka and tequila. Kate Upton is thrown into the mix, resulting in a seriously sexy trifecta. Without giving too much away, you can expect immature toilet-humour, embarrassing grown-up tantrums and typical alcohol fuelled antics. For the boys out there, this movie provides a realistic insight into the tricky business girls get up to when you’re doing…boy stuff (if that doesn’t entice, see it for the perv factor).

So, if you’re in the mood for a painful level of laughter, get your bottoms to the cinema and see this movie ASAP. I promise, you will not regret the money or time spent! Now excuse me while I look up Leslie Mann’s Wikipedia page, as I have developed one serious girl-crush.


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