Month: June 2014

Shanti Shanti

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Random Banter

Yesterday afternoon, I introduced myself to Shanti, a life technician who lives in the small town of Bangalow, New South Wales. As my friends walked ahead in search of breakfast, I sat with Shanti who was very happy to share his wealth of spiritual knowledge. As a life technician, Shanti spends his days meditating and teaching people “how to have better balance in their life, how to free themselves from drugs, alcohol, sex and how to be calmer and […]

Snapshot: ‘Closer To Heaven’ by Molly Harris

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Random Banter

Molly Harris isn’t your typical photographer. Through her controversial series of photographs titled ‘Closer to Heaven’, she provides insight into the ugly world of heroin addiction. Molly’s images may not be pretty, but they will certainly make you stop, look and think. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit with Molly and ask about her work on this brave project. ‘Closer to Heaven’ arose from Molly’s curiosity about a group of women she drove past […]

10 Good Reasons To Stay In On Saturday Night

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Random Banter

I have had a seriously productive day, which is most surprising as today is Sunday. For me (and probably you too), usual Sundays are spent dozing on the couch, watching complete seasons of The OC, and eating junk…but not this one! I’ve managed to tick about three thousand items off my To Do List, the simple reason being that I didn’t go out last night. And what a superb night in it was! Here are ten good reasons […]

Sea, Vines And Awesome Fun Times

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The Drunk Files

I’m lucky enough to live within driving distance of some of Australia’s most picturesque wine regions. Over this long-weekend, McLaren Vale held the highly anticipated four day long Sea & Vines Festival, with Sunday as its biggest day. So that happened yesterday and boy, does my head know it. Hundreds of South Australians flocked to McLaren Vale wearing far-from-fashionable blue lanyards. I was on one of five buses organised through a pub owned by good friends. The day started at 7am. Now, […]

Recent Reads: ‘Barracuda’ By Christos Tsiolkas

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Raving Reviews

My thoughts on Barracuda remain divided. Honestly, I didn’t love this novel, but I didn’t hate it either. Having said that, I definitely think you should read it. And if you haven’t already read Tsiolkas’ bestselling novel The Slap, I recommend you read that too. Barracuda is a deceptively dark novel about Danny Kelly, a failed swimmer and deeply troubled schoolboy come man. It covers typical themes such as class, family, politics and education but in a confronting […]