The Colourful World of Designer Tiff Manuell

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Random Banter

Welcome to the happy, colourful world of Tiff Manuel, a designer so lovely, so creative and so modest, you can’t help but feel joy in her presence. Tiff is the beautiful soul behind Happy House and Tiff products; colourful accessories so lovingly adored by Australian girls nationwide. With a background in fashion design and a love for simple modern aesthetic, Tiff’s rainbow creations are unlike anything else. A few weeks ago I visited Tiff at her studio, a sunlit space completely drenched in colour. Her workspace is all things happy, bright and inspiring – as is she!

In the small breaks between smiling customers, we discuss Tiff’s many sources of inspiration; “I love the 80s. It was such a tragic and hideous fashion era. The 80s was full of so many moments we can laugh about”. On colour she explains, “The colour I love the most, attraction wise, is watermelon pink. I love red, but then I love yellow. I’m not really into green…I’m really bad at it”. Many would disagree – when it comes to colour, Tiff is far from “bad at it”. Despite this, “more than probably anything in the world”, Tiff is most “inspired by product design…colours are just embellishments”.

Tiff works in the “spur of the moment”; “I do get a bit bored a bit too quickly”, she explains. “I’m very easily distracted. I don’t want to have to plan…I don’t want to be locked in or disappointed. I just want it to organically grow”. Each of her warrior necklaces, fringed cuffs and sharp clutches are one of a kind. She creates wearable pieces of art; each stroke, splatter and blob of paint is the direct result of Tiff’s love and passion for what she does.

Her pieces appeal to “a really broad age group of people”. Tiff loves “to see who’s buying what. I wonder why they’re drawn to a particular piece or colour palette”. At the end of the day, what Tiff finds most interesting is “your internal attraction to something”. She discusses her darling daughters, whom Tiff “saturated in colour” before they were old enough to colour themselves; “some girls are really passionate about pastels. It’s a good lesson – I have to cater for lots of different girls”. And that she does.

Visit Tiff’s colourful world, and be inspired as I have been:


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