Month: August 2014

Like The Palm Of My Hand

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Random Banter

This is a photograph of a plate. I am just as confused as you are as to why this diagram has been put onto a plate. Nevertheless, I find it both interesting and informative. Thanks to this plate, I can finally read the lines on my palm(s). So here’s what I learnt from a plate: 1. I have a deep ‘Line of Mars’. I can only assume that this means either a) I am from Mars and therefore a […]

The Perks Of Rising Early

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Personal / Random Banter

On the odd occasion I am woken by my morning alarm. On the very odd occasion I sleep right through it. Some mornings, however, I wake long before it goes off. Once I’m awake, there’s no hope of falling back to sleep. For that I’m thankful because these earliest hours of the morning are my favourite time of day. I spend these precious hours one of two ways; I’ll either lay in bed and run my mind through the day, or […]

Life’s Little Pleasures

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Random Banter

Today is Friday and thank goodness for that as this week has been jam-packed. I’ve spent the past five days doing work experience at a public relations company which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Really, it’s been great – for the first time ever I feel like I might know what I’m doing with myself. More on that later. What I haven’t enjoyed is sitting at a desk for days on end, tortured by the clear aqua sky visible from the […]

That’s So Gay

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Random Banter

I work in an extremely busy shop in an extremely busy shopping precinct and quite often have to deal with extremely rude customers. I try not to carry these annoyances of the working day into my ‘real’ life, but sometimes a girl needs to vent. I hope you’re ready for this people because I’m more than a little peeved. Yesterday I was assisting two young girls who can’t have been more than sixteen years of age. They were trying on 90s-style […]

Everybody, Let’s Be Kind To Everybody

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Random Banter

There is a little poster on the wall in my bedroom of Andy Warhol’s black and white portrait above the quote “I think everybody should like everybody”. Andy’s logic is simple, but I’ve come to fear that this simple act of liking everybody is much easier said than done. Don’t get me wrong; I “like” almost everybody. I can count on the fingers of just one hand the number of individuals I actually dislike. What […]