Month: September 2014

How To Master The Art Of Bullshit

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Random Banter

It’s been more than a week since I last posted, marking my longest absence to date in Taggle Talk‘s brief history. I apologise. I have been terribly, terribly worried that you, my dearest reader, might have given up on me and my failed reputation as a blogger. But I see that you haven’t and that is why I love you. It’s not that I forgot about you! I’ve spent much of this week trying to come up with […]

An Open Letter To My Drinking Buddy

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The Drunk Files

Dear X, I feel your pain. Literally. The pain in my head is so extreme, I am quite certain that it must be the accumulation of both yours and mine. How this is possible I do not know, but I am in no such state at this present moment to research. Anyway, I was hoping you might help me to fill in the gaps of last night (why, when and how, for example, did I tear my expensive jeans […]

My Real Time Thoughts While Driving

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Random Banter

12.49pm. I’m late. Surely that time is wrong. Better step on it. Oh shit, now the petrol light’s on. To fill or not to fill? That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune…What on earth is a sling? Shakespeare must have been on something. I haven’t heard this song in years! Cranks up volume. It’s gettin’ hot in here herre (so hot), so take off all your […]

Pick Five Final Moments With Each Of Your Senses

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This post is inspired by a top-rated discussion thread on I’m losing my hearing. Most of what I hear is high-pitched ringing due to Tinnitus. I’m a big music fan, and I’ll miss it dearly once I’m totally deaf. Post the last thing you’d like to hear before you went completely deaf. I will listen to every one of them. There are some 500 beautiful responses from complete strangers, and counting. Click here. Reading the thread is […]

Recent Reads: ‘A California Childhood’ by James Franco

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Raving Reviews

I read A California Childhood by James Franco in a single sitting. Not that it’s all reading – there are pictures too. I expected a traditional style autobiography, but it isn’t. It’s something much more; a personal collection of childhood photographs and drawings, memories, Franco’s abstract paintings, a report card, poems and short stories. I loved his short stories most, but I’ll get to that. You’ve probably heard of James Franco as an actor. What you might not know is […]