I’ve Forgotten How To Remember Things

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Random Banter

I haven’t posted in a week, and a lot has happened in that time. I turned 23, for example. My age now officially rounds up to 25. I am (nearly) one quarter of a century in years, and I feel it. I kid you not, I am starting to lose it. My eyesight is going, and so is my memory. Just then, I couldn’t even remember whether to write ‘eyesight’ or ‘eye sight’. I honestly had to Google it. Here’a another example – just this morning, I walked out of the gym and could not, for the life of me, remember where I parked my car. I exerted more calories searching for it than I did inside the actual gym.

What’s more, I’ve forgotten all of my online passwords. Once upon a time – and what a glorious time it was – I had the same password for absolutely everything and anything that required a password. My passwords for online banking, Facebook, blog, Instagram, Dropbox, Twitter and e-mail account were the same. Life was easy. Then recently, in the wake of Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photo scandal, I decided to change these passwords as a means of improving online security. Terrible shit has gone down. Through numerous unsuccessful attempts to log-in to (log into?) my various online accounts using the new passwords, I have had to create new new passwords. Amongst all that, I was locked out of my own e-mail account, and had to verify my own identity…via e-mail. In three days, I have gone through eleven new passwords for my e-mail account alone. I now have somewhere near thirty passwords floating in my brain, and it’s stressful.

If that’s not enough, the banks of Australia have worsened my memory more so. For some unbeknown reason, our nation’s banks (or was it our government?) have made it illegal to sign when paying by card. As of August 1, credit can only be accessed using four magical numbers; digits allocated by the evil banks themselves. I have stored these pin numbers so deep in my brain that I cannot find them. Twice now, I’ve been forced to return to the Middle Ages and actually set foot into a bank in order to withdraw money. At least my failed memory has made saving easier.

I can’t remember how I planned to wrap this thing up.



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