Twitter Trends: #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly

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Random Banter

A lot of people have Twitter, and a lot of people don’t. For those who don’t aka my parents (and those who do but don’t understand it), let me quickly explain the terms ‘hashtag’ and ‘trending’. Basically, Twitter is a social media medium in which the user has just 140 characters to voice their valuable opinion on any topic of their choice. On the user’s homepage, there is a list of ‘trends’. These trends are Twitter’s current most popular topics of discussion and are updated regularly. Often, within this list of ‘trends’ will be a trending ‘hashtag’. These hashtags (#hashtag) are somewhat of a search mechanism within Twitter. If you click on a hashtag, you will be taken to a live feed of tweets using the hashtag upon which you clicked. Hashtags allow Twitter users to join in on worldwide discussions regarding ‘trending’ topics, and all topics between. #Cool.

Just now, I logged onto Twitter as I do randomly throughout most days. I scanned the list of trends on my home page and clicked on today’s highest trending hashtag: #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly. The hashtag is self-explanatory. I don’t know who started this trend, or why, but it has provided hours of Sunday afternoon entertainment. For those who don’t have Twitter, I’ve compiled a list of the most brilliant and hilarious #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly tweets from today. Can you guess the films?

  1. a white girl moves from Africa but you can’t just ask people why they’re white @Musically_Raye
  2. spy assigned a series of missions that really aren’t impossible after all @mr_wilson95
  3. A guy who’s two guys joins a club that you can’t talk about where men fight each other for fun. Meat Loaf has breasts @incakolanews
  4. Tom Hanks missed his flight. @RabbiJason
  5. A baby is put in a corner but not for long. @lincolnwrites
  6. A white man teaches his children about racial stereotypes and says nothing about mockingbirds. @JustinFulkerson
  7. Chubby white girl dances on tv. Segregation ends. @stinkylulu
  8. short men with hairy feet embark on very long mission to throw a bad ring into a volcano. Trees walk. Bromance ensues @OreoSpeedwagon_
  9. Nemo is lost. Nemo is found. @doseofted
  10. Dude dreams,dreams in his dream then gets stuck in another dream @PanmanSAYS
  11. Wannabe nun dresses rich kids in curtains, drags them through a field, and makes them sing for nazis. @antiplayer (followed by Barack Obama)
  12. King can’t do speeches. Learns to do speeches. @chris_a_tye
  13. Some dumbass offers up a flotation device out of chivalry and ends up freezing to death @stevenyouidiot

#LOL (That’s ‘laugh out loud’, not ‘lots of love’ by the way.)


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