Pick Five Final Moments With Each Of Your Senses

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This post is inspired by a top-rated discussion thread on Reddit.com:

I’m losing my hearing. Most of what I hear is high-pitched ringing due to Tinnitus. I’m a big music fan, and I’ll miss it dearly once I’m totally deaf. Post the last thing you’d like to hear before you went completely deaf. I will listen to every one of them.

There are some 500 beautiful responses from complete strangers, and counting. Click here. Reading the thread is one of those special moments of realisation that we’re all the same. Beethoven’s final symphony, No. 9 in D Minor, is a recurring response; ironic in that Beethoven was deaf when he wrote it. Jeff Buckley’s album Grace, all songs Radiohead, Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence, Stevie Wonder. But it’s not all music; “I have a handicapped daughter (cerebral palsy). If I went deaf today, I’d want her laughter ringing in my ears.” For others, it’s the words “I love you”, spoken to and from.

‘Wild World’ by Cat Stevens is my choice, or his album Tea for the Tillerman if time allows. I don’t need to hear “I love you” from those that do; I’m lucky to know it, and will continue to know it in deafness. Listening to Cat Stevens, I am transported to the lazy Sunday mornings of childhood, playing outside with my sister while our parents gardened. To my ears, there is no musical voice happier or more comforting than that of Cat Stevens.

I got thinking about the loss of my other senses; sight, touch, taste and smell. Taste, touch and smell are easy: a deliciously ripe fig from my Yia Yia’s tree, a dive under the piercing cold waves of the Southern Ocean, the smell of summer weekends; sunscreen, lawn-mower clippings and onion on the barbecue. Or the lingering smell of ‘Coco’ on my mother’s cotton scarves. But for sight, I’m undecided. Of course the smiling faces of those dearest to me, but then again these smiling faces are engrained in my memory for good, regardless of what happens to my vision. Maybe I’ll go with the ocean on one of those Australian summer days when you can’t make out the divide between water and sky; there’s nothing but blue and it’s the most beautiful sight you could ever see. Yep, I’ll go with that.

What would you choose as the final experiences of your own five senses?


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My name is Emily and this is a place where I write about all of the things I love (and sometimes the things I don't love). These things I love include all sorts of people: strangers, friends and family alike. And writing of course! I've never liked giving descriptions of myself, so you'll have to read my random banter in order to get to know me.


  1. Smell: foam netballs in a dusty cupboard
    Sight: a big fat dumb ginger cat
    Taste: roast dinner with plenty of stuffing
    Touch: plenty of stuffing
    Hear: Electric Six concert or Dick Valentine solo acoustic doing covers of my choice

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  2. belicovaa says

    Such an interesting question, huh… I would say:

    Smell: freshly cut grass/ the sea/ men’s perfume

    Touch: being the little spoon

    Sight: my loved ones at some divine place, like the Bosphorus canal on a sunny day

    Taste: ice cream and whiskey/coke

    Hear: classical music/ laughter/ words of love

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    • What lovely moments. People’s responses really do give such an intimate insight into who they are. And I love that laughter, words of love and the embrace of a loved one are recurring responses from almost everybody…goes to show what the most important things in life are!


  3. Reblogged this on my own sort of revolution and commented:
    This has taken the definition of Gratitude to a whole new level for me. Thank you to my dear friend Tag, your post made me reach a heightened state of sensory awareness. If everyone took the time to introduce this as a daily routine, how beautiful would our world be?

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  4. This is beautiful Tag, and thank you! It got me thinking about this a lot deeper…

    Sight: similar, but I’d bask in the glittering ocean on the decent over Adelaide. Lined by the golden beaches and the iconic Grand and Glenelg jetty. My heart fills with the thought.

    Taste: the most potent cup of vanilla chai tea with soy milk! Ignite the crown Chakra once more!

    Touch: would have to be something physical, a kiss, or the strongest embrace from a loved one.

    Hear: I’d have to fall asleep listening to the sound of rain, a little thunder, and a glimpse of lightning, all above my corrugated iron roof.

    Smell: the smell of wet roads after the first summer rain.

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    • I’ve said it over and over but you write so beautifully, Mad. You turn ‘normal’ words into some sort of poetry and it makes me smile to see you grow. I especially love your moment for ‘smell’ – that smell of wet roads in summer resonates with me too. X


    • That made a lump in my throat reading that, so sweet Tag. I’m so proud of you expressing the “tangle talk” we have known and loved for years. It’s about time you shared it all with others. What a marvellous mind you have. Looking forward to that smell sometime soon! X

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  5. smell: chocolate cookies baking in the oven
    touch: besides something intimate with my partner, probably the soft mud at the bottom of a lake
    taste: dekavita C–it’s a drink from Japan, that while not the best tasting, somehow resonates with me.
    hearing: the wind and the rain just as the storm is finishing
    sight: again, if not my loved ones, then the sunset on the water somewhere

    When you get right down to it, there are so many things we don’t want to lose. There are so many things our brain has recorded and welded to a time, a place or a person. For anyone losing a sense, I hope your mind will stay sharp enough that you will forever be able to recall them.

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    • Thank-you for responding, Anthony. Your choice of experiences is lovely. You hit the nail on the head; our mind’s incredible ability to hold onto the memory of the experiences of our senses is truly wonderful…maybe even more wonderful that our physical ability to touch/see/hear/smell/taste.


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