Month: November 2014

Is Age Really Just A Number?

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Random Banter

It’s been a good week. Actually, it’s been great. I caught up with old friends, the spot on my left cheek has finally gone, and I received an offer to study post-graduate journalism next year. Great news all round. But, here’s the ‘but’… Two things happened to me this week that I found to be quite baffling. Not baffling enough to have ruined my week, but baffling enough to have given me a reason (make that two) to express concern. A […]

Thank God It’s Friday (Although Now It’s Saturday)

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The Drunk Files

Hey friends, it’s your girl Emily here. Just got back from a night on the town with some of girlfriends. It’s 2.06 am and I’m in bed and I’m just a little bit drunk. Like, I’m sober enough to have removed my make-up and to know that this thing here is my laptop not a sandwich but I’m drunk enough to have eaten some olives followed by some ice-cream, and that’s a sickening combination when you […]

To Burma And Back With Photographer Molly Harris

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Random Banter

Earlier this year I featured a post on photographer Molly Harris and her controversial series of photographs titled ‘Closer to Heaven’. You can read it here. The post received a great deal of attention and a range of emotive responses. Molly’s intention isn’t to shock, but that she does brilliantly. When it comes to Molly’s photography, people will be sure to talk. Last week I met up with Molly over breakfast to find out what exciting […]

Recent Reads: ‘Middlesex’ by Jeffrey Eugenides

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Raving Reviews

“There have been hermaphrodites around forever, Cal. Forever. Plato said that the original human being was a hermaphrodite. Did you know that? The original person was two halves, one male, one female. Then these got separated. That’s why everybody’s always searching for their other half. Except for us. We’ve got both halves already.” I set out to read Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides years ago, but never did. And I’m glad. If I’d read Middlesex in 2002 when it was published, […]

Something Fishy

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Random Banter

The other day I pulled into my driveway and discovered a whole, dead fish. Actually, it was my friend who made the discovery as she got out the car to open the gate. There, in the middle of the driveway, lay a huge, smelly carp. There were ants too, but not enough to suggest that the fish had been there long. Strange, right? I must mention that it was the gravel driveway of my family’s river shack. […]