Month: January 2015

Why Wally Made Me Cry

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Random Banter

Have I mentioned that I’m moving out of home? No? Well, I am. In fact, I’m moving some 800 kilometres from my home, to a trendy metropolis called Melbourne. Perhaps you remember my post Melbourne Is Cool, And Apparently I’m Not? No? Well, Melbourne is this super cool city and I’ve decided that I’m now cool enough to live in it. (I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes in due course.) So, I leave this Sunday. […]

What Goes Around Comes Around

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The Drunk Files

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about karma. I’m not sure why exactly. Sometimes I get these ideas in my head and I become momentarily obsessed by them. For example, a few months ago I watched a late-night documentary about hermaphrodites and for the few days after I was absolutely convinced that every second person I met was a hermaphrodite. Only now that I’ve put that in writing do I realise how weird a thing it is. It […]

How To Attract Nice Boys, According To My Greek Grandmother

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Random Banter

Yesterday I went to visit my Yia Yia (translation: Greek grandmother). We spent the afternoon drinking chai (tea), watching The Bold and the Beautiful (“That Brooke she so stupid”), and discussing her electricity bill (riveting). You see, her most recent quarterly bill was an entire $5 more than the previous quarter. God help us! Now, $5 is much too heavy a strain on my Yia Yia’s shallow pocket, considering she’s just a poor old widow on the pension. Let’s momentarily […]

What Whoopi Goldberg Taught Me About Being A Writer

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There’s this part in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit where Sister Mary Clarence (aka Whoopi Goldberg) explains to one of her troubled students: “If you wake up in the morning, and you can’t think of anything else but singing, then you should be a singer, girl.” I remember asking myself upon first watching this movie circa its release in 2003, What’s the first thing I think of in the morning? In all honestly, I have trouble thinking […]

The Art Of Travelling Local

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Travel Bits

Australia is a long way from the rest of the world. Visiting other countries requires time; flying (or boating) across large expanses of ocean, and (for me, anyway) many months of hard work and strict saving; no drinking, no eating out, no fun. The one-way, two-stop flight from Melbourne to London takes approximately 21 hours, not including time spent in transit. The flight from Adelaide to Buenos Aires takes an hour longer, and requires up to five stops in […]