Month: April 2015

What A Little Person Taught Me About Appreciating Little Moments

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About a week ago something lovely happened as I sat on the train home after a long, hard day. To provide some context: I was tired, hungry, and only just overcoming a five-day cold. My fellow commuters and I sat zombie-eyed in grey worlds of our own, thinking about plans for tomorrow or dinner or whether to do the ironing now or later or maybe just thinking about nothing at all. We’ve all been there. […]

The Art Of Self-Branding

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Personal / Random Banter

Earth to reader: This post is long but I’ve had a month worth of no-blogging to make up for. And in said month I appear to have lost any such ability to write concisely. If you thought I’d given up on Taggle Talk, think again. If you thought I’d given up on you, think again, again. These past few weeks, people started saying all sorts of nonsense things to me such as “why have you given up writing?” and […]