Month: June 2015

Out Of The Blue

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There’s this gorgeous woman who comes into my work-place regularly. Though she’s physically striking, my use of the word gorgeous is mainly in reference to what’s on her inside because in that sense she is about as gorgeous as a person can be, and I barely know her. She is tall, very tall for a woman, and quite big-boned. It’s hard not to notice her. She has shoulder-length hair that is died aqua-blue at the ends […]

Life Advice From A Twerp

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Random Banter

The paradox in this title is completely intentional. You see, if I’d just called it “Life Advice”, your thinking would be somewhere along the lines of “Who the heck does this twerp think she is to tell me how to live my life considering she most probably doesn’t know how to live hers?” And you’d be justified in that thinking because, well, I am absolutely a twerp. So, by putting “Twerp” in the title, I’m […]

God Save The Print

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Personal / Random Banter

My favourite free daily afternoon newspaper (honestly, it’s the only one I know of – but still) owned and produced by News Corp, will soon cease to exist. For fourteen years, mX has been dedicated to “taking readers’ minds off their busy day. That’s been our passion and commitment to you ever since, but the rapid growth and distraction of mobile devices has applied too much pressure for us to continue.” Insert: heartbreak. Targeted at commuters, […]