Month: August 2015

The Art Of Giving Compliments

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Personal / Random Banter

I occasionally do a spin circuit class on Wednesday mornings at the gym. At the end of the class, there is five-minutes dedicated to stretching, and some of the stretches require a partner. Two weeks ago I partnered up with a small, blonde woman who had the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. That is not an exaggeration. They were disproportionally large compared to other peoples’ eyes, but perfectly proportionate to her own features. […]

Humans of Khokana Children’s Home

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Travel Bits

An accidental trip turned life-changing experience: this is the story of my school friend Sarah, and the lives of Nepal’s orphans that she’s changing for good. All words and photographs are Sarah’s This whole trip happened by complete accident. I got a part-time nanny job in London while I was doing a course in World Religions. After a couple of weeks the family announced that the Dad, a BBC journalist, was applying for a job in India. […]

A Rose Among Thorns

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Random Banter

Once upon a time I’d have written “amongst” in that title, but my study of journalism has convinced me that the word “amongst” is dead, as is “whilst”, “thus”, “interestingly”, and any word that has a shorter substitute. My study has me confused as to whether those commas should be on the inside of the quotation marks as different style-guides provide contradicting answers. I have learned that puns and clichés should be avoided at all costs, so I suppose […]

The Unwritten Profiles

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Random Banter

News cares about the famous, the newsworthy, the just plain worthy. But what makes a person’s profile worthy? It’s obvious: beauty, money, celebrity. Profiles – high ones especially – sell papers, magazines, television. No secrets there. These golden profiles feed our entertainment hungry world; a world that worships superstardom, names, brands. But is there any value in these profiles besides monetary? A short-term entertainment fix. A juicy piece of gossip: marriage, divorce, children, affairs. A tip about diet or exercise or how to […]

Slowly Overcoming The Fear Of Writing

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I think I’ve developed a fear of writing. It must have been a gradual development, for I’ve only just realised it. I have a million ideas, but there’s a million other things going on in my head that have got in the way. Most of these things have to do with me thinking and caring too much about what everyone thinks and cares about. And the more I think, the scarier writing becomes and for that reason I’m not writing […]