Things I Saw Today: Part 1

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I’m introducing a new regular segment to Taggle Talk called “Things I Saw Today”. The title pretty much sums it up, but I must insert a disclaimer: not all of these things were seen today. You see, the last few weeks have been ridiculously busy (what with it being my final few weeks of university and all), and I haven’t had time to breathe, let alone put a post together. Perhaps you’ve noticed? If so, I’m touched. But not having time to breathe doesn’t mean I’ve not had time to observe the world around me, and make mental notes (literal notes, actually, but mental notes sound better) of things to write one day in the future i.e. today.

I present to you a selection of some of the noteworthy things I’ve observed during the past few days, which I’d safely jotted down at the back of my diary. To me, each of these things are so wonderful they deserve their own post entirely, but I’d much rather put them out there for you to appreciate now.

A list of things I saw today (and yesterday and the day before, etc.):

I saw today’s sun setting over the beach while I was driving, and my heart truly skipped a beat or something corny like that. It was magical – so magical in fact that I had to break the law and capture it for good.

I saw a big man stand on a small girl (approximately one-tenth of his bodyweight) who was bent over on the footpath tying her shoelace. I am still very confused as neither the man nor the girl reacted, and he most certainly stood on her with some force.

I saw the same man three times in one day in various locations and I know this because I recognised the tiny anchor tattoo on his face, beneath his left eye. It made me wonder how often this actually happens.

Today I yawned on the train. The man across from me caught my yawn, and the man across from him (sitting next to me) caught that one quickly after. It was an awesome zigzag of yawns and it made me wonder, what could possibly be the world record for the greatest number of yawns transferred from person to person? I doubt anyone knows, but I’d really like to.

As I waited for my takeaway coffee, I saw a man seated in the coffee shop scribble on a pad of yellow post-it notes, then scrunch the post-it note in a ball and pile it on his empty plate, then repeat these two actions close to twenty times. After approximately five minutes there was a perfect pyramid of scrunched-up post-it notes right there next to him. What was he scribbling, and what was so wrong with it all those times?

I saw a fat version of Drake. He was literally identical, apart from being fat.

On the train home yesterday I recognised a girl who was five or six years above me at school, which is an unlikely occurrence considering our school was (still is) small and we’ve both moved to a city much bigger than where we grew up. We caught eye contact and I’m pretty sure she recognised me too, but I guess I’ll never know.

This morning on the train I sat directly across from a suited, middle-aged man who was writing in a diary. Not the ‘October, November, December’ sort of diary but the ‘Dear Diary’ sort of diary. It was A5 and he’d written the day and date at the top of the page, and filled it perfectly to the bottom by the time he arrived at his destination. I attempted to read his words upside down, and managed to capture “I’m so looking forward to…” before I felt guilty and looked out the window. I have spent all day wondering what the man is “so looking forward to”. I also noticed that he dotted his ‘i’s’ and ‘j’s’ at the very end of the word, instead of during the process of writing the individual dotted letter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do that before.

I saw a person hang up their phone and mutter “fuck” under their breath. I am unhealthily desperate to know why “fuck” was so necessary.

It’s been a pretty interesting few days, really. Watch this space, for I’ll be posting “Things I Saw Today” regularly.


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