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Today I Got Served

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Random Banter

Today, karma happened; I did something naughty, and got punished for it. I’d been in possession of an old, slightly tired laptop with a dent on its lid for some months, which sat bored and unused in a cupboard in the living room, waiting to be dealt with someday in the future. Early last week, I finally took it to a shop that buys used laptops, DVDs, etc. Something like a pawn shop, but more of […]

The Art Of Being Alone

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When I was much younger, say between the ages of five and 14, I used to feel sorry for people I saw dining alone in cafes and restaurants. I’d especially feel sorry if they had a book, as I thought their reading was some sort of cover up for not having friends. (I also used to fake a limp when I walked past physically disabled persons, as I felt guilty for being able to walk perfectly. I […]

Things I Saw Today: Part 1

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Personal / Random Banter

I’m introducing a new regular segment to Taggle Talk called “Things I Saw Today”. The title pretty much sums it up, but I must insert a disclaimer: not all of these things were seen today. You see, the last few weeks have been ridiculously busy (what with it being my final few weeks of university and all), and I haven’t had time to breathe, let alone put a post together. Perhaps you’ve noticed? If so, […]

How Does One Know When And Where To Draw The Line?

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Random Banter

The title question isn’t just to grab your attention – I genuinely need an answer here, people. You see, I’ve recently encountered a number of different situations, mostly in public, which have left me confused and unsure as to where I should draw “the line”. (There’s no such thing as a straight line in my world, by the way. My sort of lines are crooked, wavy, or swirly. And I’m yet to master the art of stopping […]

Why We Should All Talk To Strangers

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“Love between strangers takes only a few seconds and can last a whole life.” – Simon Van Booy, Love Begins in Winter: Five Stories We need to stop telling our kids not to talk to strangers. I don’t even know if parents still do (what with all this new-age parenting and feeding babies paleo diets) but on the likely chance, I’m advocating change. The other day I was thinking about all the wonderful conversations I’ve had with strangers – younger, […]